Ingredients in Provillus

“Provillus is the World’s Only Hair Regrowth Product consists of FDA approved ingredients and specifically designed supplement to cure both Men & Women Pattern Baldness at any stage of hair loss.”

An Exclusive Series of Provillus Ingredients

Provillus consists of the best & highest quality ingredients sourced from nature & the latest technology formulas. With the routine use of Provillus, you will be capable enough to fight against andro-genetic alopecia from inside out. This hair regrowth system consists of a blend of a topical solution and dietary capsules. Provillus hair regrowth solutions are produced with the medicinal herbs and nutrients that were clinically tested and proven to be effective against pattern baldness symptoms.


Biotin plays an immensely powerful role in the growth of healthy skin, nails and most importantly hair. It is also known as Vitamin H & Vitamin B7. Provillus includes Biotin as a significant component for hair loss treatment & to revitalize your full head of hair follicles. It also helps to condition your hair and scalp as well.

Amino acids

Amino-benzoic acid is well known for its capability to absorb UV (ultraviolet rays) as well as diminishing skin wrinkles. It plays an extremely important part for your body and provides the ability to fight with the signals of aging. It revitalizes the pigmentation loss in hair and skin and also preventing hair graying & retarding hair loss.


Did you know that approximately 87% of women who suffer from pattern baldness have a magnesium deficiency? Yeah! It’s true. Magnesium is the richest mineral in the body and very essential for good health & healthy hair growth. This amazing Provillus ingredient combines with calcium to boost hair growth. With just a few usages you will definitely observe that the balanced levels of magnesium can do wonders for your hair!!

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble supplement that exists in three extensive chemical modes: pyridoxal, pyridoxamine & pyridoxine. It plays an array of functions in your body and is very essential for good health & proper hair growth. This unique mineral is also important for improving the metabolism of blood cells, proteins as well as newly grown hair follicles.

The Leading Ingredient in Provillus plus is The Minoxidil is -An Exclusive Hair Rejuvenator.

Minoxidil is the clinically proven and FDA approved hair regrowth medication that has been helping men and women regrow their hair follicles.

How does it work?

Minoxidil assists oven veins when applied directly to the areas of baldness as a topical solution. This tropical solution can boost the flow of blood and nurture healthy scalp with flourishing hair.

Minoxidil has proven in effectively eliminating the root cause of pattern baldness & improving the looks of your face & head with just a few usages. Including in the Provillus plus, this compound will help you widen your hair roots & will faster the production of thicker hair. Making it a part of your everyday routine will assist you in maintaining the beauty of your hair & extend the hair growth phase.

Start applying this effective & safe treatment on your hair and shake off the signs of hair loss within a few days!!